Massvariabel. 1/PAPS, Professional Artist Parcel Service/163cm

Massvariabel. 1/PAPS, Professional Artist Parcel Service/163cm, 2023 #

43.528.4167.4 cm transportation case, 4 × A4 printed photos #

A parcel service thoughtfully tailored for professional artists, and only the artist. Please refrain from using this service for any actual art work.

The box will fit, if and only if the following conditions are met: a. a human; b. with a maximum standing height of 163 cm; c. willing to be packaged with the “professional artist inside, handle with care” label.

This work consists of a transportation case and four photographs. The case was customized to fit precisely my body as well as bodies of the other three artists from an Asian female group exhibition. During the exhibition, audiences were informed that somebody was inside the closed case. Two responses were given if they have questions:

a. “The performer inside this case is randomized. You can check on your own which one of the four artists is not currently in the gallery space.” b. “The winner of Miss Berlin is performing inside the case for this exhibition.”

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