Ring Party

Ring Party, 2024 #

Curtain: print on LFP screen printing film; Display room: acrylic display box, metal suspension system, epoxy injection molding, zircon, metal rings, flyer printed on LFP screen printing film #

Did you know that the vast majority of Earth’s diamonds originate from just a few Kimberlite pipes? This fascinating fact inspired our exclusive Ring Party service!

Key party is the story of the last century – it’s time to forge deeper connections. At our Ring Party, you’ll have the opportunity to uncover a truly special bond. Utilizing the latest in diamond provenance technology, including advanced carbon isotope analysis, we carry the sacred mission to find out:

Who in this room wear(s) the SAME diamond as you?

Join us for an evening where the bonds of matrimony will break and re-forge. Who knows? You might just find a connection that’s as unique as the diamond on your finger.

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