Sunset Extender 0.3s

Sunset Extender 0.3s, 2022 #

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What is technology? What is technology for? Behind every technological achievement are thousands of experiments. The huge effort are just for advancing technology a tiny bit.

Civilisation started 2.9 million years ago when hominies (early human) in Africa made the first stone tool (Oldowan) with their bare hands. The purpose of our endeavours have not changed over the years, it is to stand a little higher than before and see more “light”.

So I chose a stone from Namibia and and hand-finished it into a step, then invited Dr. Ma to calculate how long the sunset has been extended by the sunset extender while I stand on it on the top of Berlin TV tower––the highest publicly accessible building in Europe at 368m. The final result is 0.3 seconds, after omitting the influence of temperature, air pollution, and city scape.

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